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OA Facebook page: updated name

posted Jan 28, 2017, 5:40 AM by oasv webmaster
OA's new Facebook page has a new name: OvereatersAnonymousOfficial. "Like" it to join the FB community!

Correction: OA’s New Facebook URL is


Check out OA‘s new Facebook page!
     OA’s official social media page was moved this weekend by Facebook. The move was the result of a miscommunication, and OA was not notified in advance. As a result, the email sent earlier today contained broken links and a nonworking web address. (And an opportunity for WSO staff to remember the Serenity Prayer!)
Our new social media web address is:

     Thank you to our News Bulletin readers who wrote us to comment about the broken links.
  We still need your help to raise our page’s profile. If you haven’t already done so, please visit facebook.com/OvereatersAnonymousOfficial and “Like” our page. With each “Like,” the number of page followers goes up and helps carry the message to the still-suffering overeater searching for a solution. (See OA’s Statement on Public Media Policy below.)
     Our new social media page is also a place to support your abstinence, hear about OA resources, read inspirational quotes from OA-approved literature — and see what others like. Visit us today!
See OA’s new Facebook page!
Overeaters Anonymous Statement on Public Media Policy
While Overeaters Anonymous has no opinion on outside issues, including social media, the delegates of the 2016 World Service Business Conference recommend that any OA member, group, or service body using social media for OA public information and public awareness maintain the personal anonymity of OA members.

Members of Overeaters Anonymous are anonymous. The Fellowship is not. Members of Overeaters Anonymous using social media are responsible for maintaining their own personal anonymity and respecting the anonymity of other OA members.