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Twelfth-Step-Within Ideas

posted Oct 4, 2015, 12:31 PM by oasv webmaster
Our 12th step suggests that we carry the message to compulsive eaters, but they're not all outside the rooms. "Twelfth-Step-Within" refers to the fact that we have members in the rooms who are in relapse and need to hear the message, too. Here are some suggestions from Region 2 about ways to carry the message to them:
- Start a twelfth-step-within meeting using this suggested format: https://www.oa.org/pdfs/recovery_from_relapse_meeting_format.pdf
- Work with relapsers yourself and encourage others to do the same. Remember--relapse is not contagious.
- Invite a "relapse and recovery" speaker to meetings and OA events in your area. Stress to those who attend that relapse may be part of the recovery process for some OA members; it does not mean permanent failure.