Kim's Story

Lisa's Story

Mary's Story

These stories, from members of Overeaters Anonymous in Silicon Valley, tell of compulsive overeating at its miserable worst.

Many of us have tried everything -- diets, weight loss programs, fasting, diet pills, and purging. All of these methods seemed to say, "If only you'd eat a special way, the desire to overeat would leave." But, somehow it didn't. Nothing worked. Loneliness, great physical and mental agony - these were the common lot. Some went on trying to live with their food problem. Others wanted to die.

Compulsive overeating respects nobody, neither rich or poor, learned or unlettered. All of us found ourselves headed in the same destruction, and it seemed we could do nothing whatever to stop it.

Now abstinent from compulsive overeating, these members tell us how they got well. They prove to almost anyone's satisfaction that OA works.

OA recognizes that no two people are the same. If you don't see your story here, come to some meetings; pretty soon, you will most likely hear your story told by others. Come and join us as we recover and find freedom from this disease.